Best Christmas Party Dresses for your Shape!


Christmas is coming and the party season is getting into full swing! If you are anything like me you will relish the prospect of donning a party dress, a gorgeous pair of heels and a sparkly clutch and heading off to take hold of that first glass of fizz!

But before you head off, take a moment to work out what your most flattering party dress will be! Below I have chosen several dresses which will be fabulous for different body shapes.

Neat Hourglass

This body shape has neat curves! The shoulders and hips are in line and there is a noticeable waist. If you have this shape you are very lucky because you will be able to wear most dress styles if you want. The best, however, will be those that show off your curves by pulling in close to your midriff and waist. You can go for any fabrics and you can even take some shimmer and shine! The M&Co red dress above is one of many that would be perfect for you.

Full Hourglass

This shape is soft and curvy. You go in and out in all the right places and have a full bust and hips. The important thing for you is to go for soft, fluid, drapey fabrics which pull in under the bust or at the waist. Do avoid stiff, crisp fabrics as they will add pounds! Honestly, it makes all the difference! The dress here is from Curvy and Stylish, (a gorgeous online shop for sizes 16 – 28) which would be especially good for any ladies who wish to cover up their arms but still look glamorous.


Roberto Cavalli,

You will know you are a Triangle if you usually have to buy skirts or trousers one or two sizes bigger than your top. Often your shoulders will be narrow, but not always. Dresses that fit you can be hard to find. So you need to look for ones which have fullness in the lower half in drapey fabric. Best of all is if they are plain on the lower half and exciting on the top. Your top half can be visually broadened, and therefore balance with your hips, by having details which wing out to the sides of your shoulders. Or wear a little bolero.

Inverted triangle


You have an athletic shape. Broad shoulders, narrow hips. Fabulous! You need to avoid those drapey fabrics, which will just hang off you. Crisp, stiffer or textured fabrics will complement you the most. A-line shapes or shift dresses are fantastic on you. If anyone can do a little sparkly dress, you can!

Lean Column

Long Tall Sally

A lean, straight shape with very little bust. A fashion designer’s dream! Again, avoid the soft, clingy or drapey fabrics which will emphasis your straightness. You will look best in those stiffer fabrics in structured shapes or with texture. The sparkly dress above would be wonderful for you too, or this Long Tall Sally one will give you the curves you lack.



Another straight shape, but with broader shoulders and a bust. An uncluttered look is best for you. What about this amazing dress from Wallis which cleverly gives you curves through an optical illusion!



This bodyshape tends to carry weight in the middle part. Therefore you don’t have a waist but you probably have fantastic legs. You will want dresses which fall loosely past your midriff in fluid fabrics. (Remember stiff, thick fabrics can add pounds!) Exciting accessories are key to your look. Add a wonderful pair of chandelier earrings to this dress and show off your legs with some amazing shoes.

One last thing: Black is not the only option for a party dress!! Do bring some colour to your parties this season!

There you have it! Now get out there and party on!

Remember, I offer Colour and  Style Consultations so if you would like to know more about your most flattering colours and the best styles for you, do contact me!

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About My Stylist London

I am an image consultant with Colour Me Beautiful, the world's leading Image Consultancy. My passion is helping people to make the best of themselves without turning them into somebody they are not! Working with their colouring, bodyshape and personality, I offer colour, style and make-up sessions to anyone who wants to know how to be the best version of themselves. That includes women, men, teenagers and businesses.
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One Response to Best Christmas Party Dresses for your Shape!

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh, I absolutely LOVE that red dress, besides being gorgeous and perfect for my body shape, the colour also goes very well with my skin tone!

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